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Three Easy Steps To ZeroCash SDG Funding

SDG Project

SDG project creator blogs the project pitch. The best pitches earn upvote rewards that are quantifiable in fiat currency. SDG project grants investors stake in their venture in the form of equity or tokens against the fiat equivalent of the upvote rewards.

SDG Curators

SDG Curators curate the best startups and vote their blog posts with influence delegated by the investors. The value of their votes is directly proportional to the influence delegated in terms of SDG tokens staked.

SDG Investors

SDG Impact investors delegate their influence to SDG Curators while retaining full control of their funds. While their funds fully secure, they earn an ROI in terms of interest + stake in the SDG project they funded.



This invention relates to a novel decentralized computer-enabled platform and system for incentivized and equitable sharing and monetization of influence amongst peers for raising funds for novel projects without anyone actually having to pay for it in monetary terms. More specifically it discloses a new generation of crowdfunding 4.0 platforms that do not involve or risk cash investments in any form of fiat currency or crytocurrency, but exclusively use influence of peers to fund projects. It is also a means of impact investing to plug the annual funding gap of trillions that’s hampering United Nation’s Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Such impact investing exclusively uses the influence of SDG signatory countries, their nominees or sustainability stakeholders from private sector or a combination thereof to crowdfund global sustainability projects that include but not limited to UN’s SDGs or China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

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